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Welcome to CCYHA's website!

Welcome to the Chautauqua County Youth Hockey Association (CCYHA) webpage -- home of the Jamestown Lakers!



CCYHA is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization;  For more than 40 years the Chautauqua County Youth Hockey Association has provided the area youth the opportunity to not only play, and learn about the game of ice hockey, but also teach the values of good sportsmanship, fair play, and respect to others. Most kids love hockey so much they continue playing this sport into Adulthood!   We offer teams for ages 4 to 18 (exceptions apply).   

It is our goal to make this website the source for current information and the primary communication tool with all CCYHA members.

All rostered members -- please be sure to update your info to receive all pertinent news/communications.


Please submit any feedback that you may think will help the page.  


Volunteers are essential!!

We need people to donate time, energy, and experience in a variety of areas.

The Lakers are in need of volunteers throughout the year for various reasons.

Even though the season has ended, we are preparing for the next season.

Every hand helps.

If you are interested in volunteering

please email us at and

we will get back to you.


by posted 04/22/2016
High School Hockey

If you are interested in play high school hockey register now.  We are looking to see if we will have enough for JV and Varsity.  

There is no cost to sign up. If you are going to be in grades 8-12 (2016-2017 school year), live in NY and are interested in playing High School Hockey for the Raiders, Please register now.  We are trying to figure out number of participants.  Tryouts will be announced soon.   Thanks.  Any questions please  .  

by posted 04/21/2016
Hockey Mania Ticket Winners

Week 14 had 7 winners

Josh Yunik                              $25                 Sold by Ryan Yunik (ADM)

Mindy Sanfilippo                     $25                 Sold by Mason Lobb (Squirt)

Matt Spillane                          $25                 Sold by Tristan Spillan (Bantam)

Kari Lauffenburger                 $25                 Sold by JJ Darts (Squirt)

Larry Spontaneo                    $25                 Sold by Josh Spontaneo (PeeWee)

Nick Nash                              $25                 Sold by Luther Nash (ADM)

Matt Finnerty                         $25                 Sold by Aiden Finnerty (Squirt)


Week 15 had 4 winners

Marlene Norlander               $25                 Sold by Collin Norlander (Squirt)  

Thomas Abraham                $25                 Sold by Ben Sowa (PeeWee)

Jeremy Wells                       $25                 Sold by Wade Daniels (PeeWee)

Katie Brinkley                       $25                 Sold by Jack Brinkley (Bantam)


Here are the final Winners.  Congratulations to all.  Thank you for your participation.  Hope you all will play again next year.  

by posted 04/20/2016
Hockey Mania Ticket Winners

Week 9 had 3 winners

Beth Dudley                           $25                 Sold by The Sillanpaa’s

Lucy Miraglia                         $25                 Sold by Ryan Miraglia (ADM)

Jerry Pardue                          $25                 Sold by Wyatt Chriest (Midget)


Week 10 had 7 winners

Martin Grabow                      $25                 Sold by Grabow (Beginner)

Paul Aquaro                           $25                 Sold by Coleson Barber (Squirt)

John Lindsay III                     $25                 Sold by Bradley Niles (Squirt)

Randy Grey                            $25                 Sold by Mason Lobb (Squirt)

Scott Olson                             $25                 Sold by Alex Olson (Beginner)

Brenda Hamilton                   $50                 Sold by Chase Perrin (Beginner)

Don Shutters                         $50                 Sold by Brooke Shutters (Squirt)


Week 11 had 4 winners

Jon Luce                                 $300               Sold by Jake Owen ( PeeWee)

Russ Bell                                 $150               Sold by Spencer & Drake Bell

Judy Pike                                $25                 Sold by Donivan Brown (ADM)

Dan Bemis                              $25                 Sold by Jack Brinkley (Bantam)


Week 12 had 2 winners

Mark Wilson                          $25                 Sold by Carson Olson (Squirt)

Luigi Isabella                         $25                 Sold by Stefano Isabella (Squirt)


Week 13 had 6 winners

Tom & Shelly Walsh              $300               Sold by Jameson & Josh Walsh

Steven Howie                        $25                 Sold by Chase Perrin (Beginners)

Tate Daniels                          $25                 Sold by Wade Daniels (PeeWee)

Carrie Yost                            $25                 Sold by Jack Yost (PeeWee)

George Crooks                     $25                 Sold by Zachary Rhodes (Squirt)

Wade Daniels                       $50                 Sold by Wade Daniels (PeeWee)

All winnings will be mailed out by April 1st.  We have two weeks left.  Thank you all for participatiing.  

by posted 03/30/2016
HockeyMania By CharityMania Fundraiser

Sorry for the delay on this information.  I have finalized the numbers from the CharityMania Fundraiser.  The Associations top sellers are:


Carson Olson (Squirt A) sold 32 tickets

Wyatt Chriest (16u Midgets) sold 30 tickets

Chase Perrin (Beginners) sold 26 tickets


The Olson’s will win a $250 gift card to Pure hockey.  Second place will win $150 and Third place will win $100 gift card to Pure Hockey.  You will receive your gift cards via the mail in a few weeks.  


Week 1 had 4 winners

John & Julie Covert                 $150         Sold by Lydia Covert (Squirts)

Christina Olson                         $25          Sold by Carson Olson (Squirts)

Cathy Rizzo                              $25          Sold by Jarred Ristau (18u)

Jen Butler                                 $25          Sold by Cooper Spielman (Bantam)

Week 2 had 1 winner

Cheryl Lopus                            $25           Sold by Owen Copeland (ADM)

Week 3 had 3 winners

Emily Webster                         $75         Sold by Caleb Webster

Jim Turney                               $25        Sold by Wyatt Chriest (16u)

John Mistretta                          $25        Sold by Noah Smith (Beginners)

Week 4 had 7 winners

Larry Dominsky                      $300        Sold by Carson Olson (Squirt)

John Lisciandro                        $75        Sold by Jarred Ristau (18u)

Phil Mead                                 $25        Sold by Ryan Mead (PeeWee)

Michael Johnson                      $25        Sold by Carson Olson (Squirt)

Dan Burns                                $25        Sold by Brian Burns (16u)

Sue Arrance                             $25        Sold by Lucas Gilbert (Squirt)

Paul Ennis                                $25        Sold by Chase Perrin (Beginners)

Week 5 had 2 winners

Yogi Kent                                $300        Sold by Wyatt Chriest (16u)

Sue Pircio                                 $25        Sold by Jacob Owen (PeeWee)

Week 6 had 1 winner    

Anthony Gullo                           $75        Sold by Colton Tibbetts (ADM)

Week 7 had 5 winners

Anthony Tridico                         $25        Sold by James Tridico (PeeWee)

Mary Fales                                $25        Sold by Waylon Wilshire (Bantam)

Troy Beatty                                $25        Sold by Ben Sowa (PeeWee)

Lisa Levenstein                         $25        Sold by Zach Levenstein (18u)

Andrew Constantino                  $50        Sold by Evan Christiansen (PeeWee)

Week 8 had 4 winners

Mike Copenhaver                      $25        Sold by Jarrod Bleem (16u)

Jen McDonald                           $25        Sold by Cooper Bergman (PeeWee)

Joe Winsor                                $25        Sold by Carson Winsor (ADM)

Karin Shelters                           $50        Sold by Cooper Shelter (ADM)

*All winnings till this point have been mailed as of 2/26/16.   Please give a week from this date to verify receipt.  





by posted 02/26/2016
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